Invest in a world without poverty

You can help create jobs and eradicate poverty by investing in this vision. If you would like to invest in a world without poverty, there are two avenues available to you.


Invest directly in 5-2-50

If you want to help us accelerate the growth of 5-2-50 you can invest directly in 5-2-50 as a company. This investment will be registered as an interest-bearing loan to be repayable to you according to a pre-agreed schedule. 5-2-50 will use these funds to employ and equip more consultants to increase our range and impact; to fund investor campaigns to generate funding for our clients; and when we have surplus funds we may also at times invest some of these funds directly in carefully selected client businesses.

Investments can be made on a regular basis or as once-off investments.


Invest in our clients

As an investor, working with 5-2-50 reduces your risk and increases the probability of superior returns. 5-2-50 evaluates and selects clients with high growth potential, since we also invest in the companies we are working with.

In some cases, our clients only require a relatively small monthly investment, for a period of time to help them overcome some operational cost challenges that enables them to grow to the next level. Do not think that you need millions to share in this growth! If you would like to invest, contact us and let’s see if we can find a match for you.

Read more about the benefits of investing in 5-2-50 clients.

Invest in a world without poverty

If you would like to enquire regarding investment, or invest directly, please fill out the form below. We will send you some more information and set up an investment agreement suitable to your situation. Once we’ve reached agreement, we will supply you with the necessary payment information. We accept most major credit cards, electronic transfers, and even WeChat payment and bitcoins. You will not pay anything, or make any commitment by filling out the form below.

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